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For many dog owners, dog supplements are an essential part of their pet’s care.

At ZamiPet, we are passionate about developing science-backed, veterinarian-approved dog vitamins and supplements that have been formulated to support your dog in living a happier, healthier life. We've drawn from years of experience in animal healthcare and nutritional science to formulate a range of dog supplements for Australia that can support your pet’s development from when they are a puppy, through to helping slow the signs of ageing.

A Dog Vitamin Supplement for Every Stage of Development

In developing the ZamiPet range, we have carefully considered the health and nutritional needs of your dog and how it changes throughout their life time. We've taken the best advice from expert veterinarians and refined our range, ensuring each product contains the right dosage of active ingredients to effectively improve your dog’s quality of life. We have supplements for:

  • Joint Protection

To support joint health and function, we have developed a dog joint protection supplement, understanding that joint pain and stiffness can happen at any time during a dog's life. This supplement is suitable for both smaller and large dog breeds.

  • Immunity Support

Though dogs are often quite hardy creatures, there are times when their immune systems need significant help. These immunity support dog supplements online can help ward off infection and viruses and limit the effect of illness so your dog can recover quickly.

  • Skin and Coat Support

Your dog's skin and coat can often provide the first clues as to how your dog's health is progressing overall. This skin and coat supplement for dogs is packed with ingredients that support healthy skin and promote a shiny coat and strong nails.

  • Anxiety and Stress Relief

Just like us, dogs can experience stress and anxiety in handling everyday life. This calming and relaxing supplement for dogs can assist with managing the day-to-day stress, and keep your pet in a more composed state of mind.

  • Senior Support

As our cherished best friends get older, they can benefit from some additional support when it comes to keeping their bodies and minds healthy. Our senior dog support supplement is specially formulated to help slow the signs of ageing and make their senior years as comfortable and productive as possible.

  • Puppy Support

Our puppy support supplement is formulated to help your newest family member grow into a strong, healthy dog with ingredients to support brain, bone, joint, skin, immune and gut health during the high-growth puppy phase.

  • Urinary Health Support

Some dogs are unfortunately prone to suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs). Our urinary tract health supplement for dogs helps support kidney and bladder function while helping maintain a healthy urinary tract and immune system.

Our comprehensive formula of vitamins and minerals provides the perfect solution for owners wanting to help fill nutritional gaps in their dog’s diet and is just the thing for fussy eaters!

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Dog owners from all over Australia are discovering the benefits of the ZamiPet dog supplement range.

Our range is formulated by our best experts, with the best ingredients and best science backed by research, plus excellent customer reviews. We are passionate about educating pet owners on keeping their best friends as healthy as possible, so stop by our Pet Health Hub blog to get the latest insights into dog health, with articles about dog UTI treatment, glucosamine for dogs and tips to strenghten your dog's nails.

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We also reward our customers for shopping with us online with our ZamiRewards program.

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