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Friends of ZamiPet

Meet the friends of ZamiPet, experts in their field that we have teamed up with to help our much-loved companions live happier, healthier lives.


Laura V Animal Behaviourist with Rottweiler

Laura V

Animal Behaviourist

Laura V is an animal behaviourist with a passion for providing the best possible holistic health care for pets. Her approach to training dogs is based around building trust and respect through empathy and understanding. Laura has three published books, showcasing her highly successful approach to training and talks to audiences around the country on how to best build a great relationship with your pet. Laura co-hosts a show each week on Melbourne's most popular radio network, 3AW and is the behaviourist on Channel 9's The Pet Rescuers Television program.

Laura believes that forging a relationship based on trust and respect with your pet, results in one of the most wonderful and fulfilling friendships you could ever have. 



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Online short courses

Ulleo is at the forefront of reimagining how people learn. Their short courses are designed to inspire and empower learners, providing them with contemporary industry-led content and insights. The courses provide pathways to accredited study, encouraging learners to invest in themselves and their careers. 

Ulleo is changing the education landscape by providing a modern digital learning experience that is the best balance of local relevance, time, cost, and outcome.

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