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Dog Stress & Anxiety Calming Products

Just like us, dogs can experience stress and anxiety in handling life’s everyday events. The ZamiPet range of calming products for dogs can help them manage their stress more easily.
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Stress & Anxiety Calming Tablets for Dogs

When we first become pet parents, it is only natural that we are highly attuned to the signs of distress in our pets. However, as time goes on, even the most sensitive of dog owners may become a little complacent to the particular signs and symptoms of stress that our dogs are displaying.

The Long-Term Effects of Stress & Anxiety on Your Dog

It can be easy to assume that those little quirks of personality are just signs of character, This may be true in some cases, but we must always be vigilant of the signs of stress, as they can have long-reaching consequences. This is where calming tablets for dogs may be useful as part of a strategy to keep your dog as calm as possible.

Heart Problems

Among the problems that can come from stress when it comes to your dog is the impact it can have on their cardiovascular system. As with humans, stress can deregulate the heart and increase blood pressure. For dogs that have congenital heart problems, this can prove to be fatal. Managing the sources of stress and anxiety and how they cope with it is vital to keeping them healthy for years to come. While dogs that have heart issues should be treated by your vet, dogs stress supplements can help them to better manage the signs of stress and anxiety after potentially demanding moments.

Digestion Problems

With many dogs, stress and anxiety can also impact their digestive system. Some symptoms might include bloating, vomiting, soft faeces or even diarrhoea. If the source of stress is not dealt with and it continues to have an effect on your dog's digestive system, longer-term gastrointestinal problems can occur. Investigate the reasons for your dog's digestive problems carefully with the help of your vet and, under their guidance, consider using dog anxiety treats to alleviate the signs of stress and anxiety and help calm their nerves.

Behavioural Issues

As with all animals, stress in dogs is a natural response to conflict. Sources of conflict can include other dogs, overeager children, other pets that may come across as highly inquisitive or aggressive, unexpected or loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms and abuse or neglect. As we move to spending less time at home with our pets, separation anxiety is now a common behavioural issue that leads a dog to feel anxious when their owner is not there for them. Owners who have experience with rescue dogs will recognise their dogs’ continued behavioural issues as the long-term repercussions of stress they’ve experienced in the past, and will use every tool available to reduce that feeling of stress. Therapy for dog stress and anxiety care, as well as other dog calming products in Australia, are all critical aids in helping keep your dog calm and reassured.

Poor Immune Response

Stress is a key factor in how dogs can become sick in other ways. When a dog experiences stress or anxiety, its body releases cortisol. Continual stress and anxiety may lead to the release of this hormone too often, which weakens the immune system and leaves it susceptible to infection and disease.

This can be seen in how stressed-out dogs can respond to external parasites. Though we try to rid our dogs of pests, there are always mites that live on the surface of your dog's skin. Most of the time, these mites don't have any impact on the health of your dog, but when a dog becomes stressed or anxious for a prolonged period, the immune system becomes compromised allowing these mites to dominate, which can end up causing mange. This leads to hair loss and potential skin infections. When infection takes hold, increased cortisol slows down the healing process, which can lead to further stress on the dog making it even more susceptible to illness and disease.

How ZamiPet Anxiety Treats for Dogs May Help Your Dog to Stay Relaxed & Calm

Our calming treats for dogs are made from the very best ingredients, including delicious locally sourced Australian chicken and are formulated with a combination of amino acids and herbs that have long been used to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and stress in humans.

All ZamiPet premium supplements are made to be irresistible to dogs and our anxiety treats for dogs are no exception. These bite-sized, clover shaped treats not only taste great but are packed with ingredients such as L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Valerian Root and Chamomile to support a healthy nervous system. L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that is used to help make serotonin in the brain, the feel-good chemical that plays a key role in body functions such as mood and sleep.

We also include Chamomile in our dog calming treats - it’s one the most ancient herbs used in traditional medicine to treat a range of health issues. It’s believed that Chamomile may function like benzodiazepines, prescription medication that reduces anxiety and helps promote sleep.

Our calming dog treats are made in Australia and all products purchased online come with a 100% Taste Guarantee. Read Less

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