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Probiotics for Dogs

A balanced gut is a happy gut, so a  healthy digestive system is key to your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Natural probiotics may be beneficial to rebalance your dog's gut microbiome and increase their health.

Probiotics for Dogs in Australia

Dog is man’s best friend – and we should be their best friend too. Your dog deserves to live a happy, healthy life, which is why you always want to do the best for them. For a lot of dogs, doing that can include giving them probiotics. Probiotic supplements for dogs can have multiple benefits, including immune system and digestive health. At ZamiPet, we want to help you take the best possible care of your beloved pooch. We have a range of dog probiotics in Australia, whether you’re looking to resolve a tummy upset, ease signs of stress and anxiety or support intestinal health and wellbeing.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that mainly consist of friendly bacteria and yeast. These are highly beneficial for the health of humans and other animals, including dogs. Probiotic supplements help balance the good and the bad bacteria in your gut, which improves gut health and has benefits on many other aspects of our health as well. Dog probiotics can be given in their diet to reap these benefits.

Should You Get Your Dog Probiotics?

So, should you try to give your dog probiotics? The answer will be that ‘it depends.’ We always recommend speaking to your vet before you give your pets any supplements, especially if there’s a specific health issue you’re trying to address. While mostly beneficial, antibiotics can cause adverse effects in some dogs, and there might be more effective treatments for certain health conditions as well.

However, there are plenty of reasons why you should definitely consider discussing probiotics with your vet. Some dogs may benefit more than others, including those with itchy skin, dogs who experience a lot of anxiety, have bad breath or unformed faeces or diarrhoea. Probiotics can also be encouraged if your dog is going into a new environment, to protect their immune system, or while your dog is on antibiotics, to help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in their gut.

Benefits of Dog Probiotics

Probiotics for dogs in Australia can have many benefits for the health of your dog. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider introducing these dog supplements to your companion:

  • They improve gut health, including aiding the digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and water to help improve stool consistency and treat diarrhoea
  • They help strengthen the immune system, protecting your dog from minor illness and improving their health overall
  • They can be a useful as part of a treatment plan to help treat skin conditions like dry, itchy skin, pyoderma, hot spots, allergies and yeast infection
  • They can improve your dog’s mood and reduce anxiety
  • They can reduce bad breath caused by an imbalance in the mouth microbiome

Get Probiotic and Gut Health Supplements for Dogs in Australia

At ZamiPet, we offer a range of probiotic powder for dogs in Australia. Our products have been specially formulated to address digestion issues as well as stress and anxiety. We’re experts on animal health, with products formulated by Australian vets, using high-quality ingredients and packaged in recyclable packaging. If you think your dog could benefit from trying probiotics, we have the best options available in Australia. Discover our range today.
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