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Tips for Improving Your Dog's Dental Health

We all love our dogs, and we have a responsibility to give them a healthy life in our care. This includes taking steps to ensure that their gums, teeth, and mouth are in good condition. Good oral health is vital for a dog’s wellbeing, and after all, they can’t tell us when they have a toothache. If plaque is allowed to build up on your dog’s teeth it can lead to gingivitis and, in some cases, more serious forms of periodontitis like bleeding gums and loose teeth. Not to mention, dreadful doggy breath!

So, what’s the best way to improve your dog’s dental health? Read on for our top 4 tips.

Zamipet for Dog Dental Care

Brush your dog’s teeth daily

Brushing your dog’s teeth every day with a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste will help to avoid build-up of plaque on their teeth. If you have a puppy, introduce teeth cleaning into their daily routine. If your dog is no longer a puppy, it may take patience and time, but toothbrushing can be successful, especially if you introduce a reward system.

Don’t be tempted to use your human toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth as it may upset their stomach. You can buy toothpaste that’s specially formulated for dog dental care together with special doggy toothbrushes. You only need to brush for around a minute and stop brushing if your dog shows signs of discomfort.

Feed your dog a special dental diet

Feeding your dog a dry food diet will be more beneficial for their teeth than a wet food diet. Kibble and dog biscuits will encourage your dog to chew their food and the dry texture of the food will help remove plaque from their teeth. For best results, some dog food companies make a specific dry kibble designed for dental care that is a little softer and rubs up against the teeth creating mechanical abrasion along the side of the teeth, helping reduce and remove plaque even more. Chewing also produces more saliva which helps protect the mouth, gums and teeth.

Incorporate dental treats and toys for dogs

Most dogs love chewing on rubber toys and this vigorous chewing action can help reduce plaque. To reduce plaque further, choose dental products that are specially designed to rub up against the sides of the teeth and contain active ingredients that have been shown to reduce plaque and tartar build up. Dental chews for dogs such as ZamiPet Dental Sticks Relax & Calm are specifically formulated to support overall oral health for dogs. Formulated with Natural Seaweed that is shown to reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath as well as Valerian Root and Passionflower to support a healthy nervous system. Thanks to the clever four-leaf clover-shaped design and rough texture, they gently clean the teeth while giving your dog a tasty treat and freshening their breath all in one go!

Book regular dental check-ups at the vet

Your vet should check your dog’s teeth during routine check-ups but if you suspect that your doggy is having dental problems, book them in for a dental inspection. Dental treatments for dogs often start with x-rays to examine the roots of the teeth and to make sure that the teeth are healthy. Then vets will scale and polish the teeth to remove all plaque and tartar build-up. If your dog has more severe periodontitis, the vet may need to remove teeth or recommend other procedures to improve the health of the mouth.

And there you have it. Four top ways to ensure that your dog will have healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath.

The information in this article was checked by ZamiPet Veterinarian and General Manager Dr Andrew McKay, BVSc, University of Melbourne, 2000. Vet Registration No: V3985

Disclaimer: This information is general advice only. Before starting any treatment or supplement with your pet, please consult your vet first for the best approach to getting your pet back to their best health.


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