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Meet the Vet Behind ZamiPet, Dr Andrew McKay

Get to know Dr Andrew McKay, our Veterinarian & General Manager, whose lifetime passion for looking after animals is now helping to support the long-term health and wellbeing of our cherished pets.

I had an affinity for working with animals from a very young age.

Animals have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was raised on a sheep and cattle farm, and from the age of six, all I wanted was to be a farmer looking after animals. I was surrounded by working dogs, pet dogs, horses, birds and chickens. Even now living in the city, my family has four dogs and a cat. If it was up to my kids, we would have even more pets, but we don’t have the room!

My decision to become a vet was the result of losing my pet dog.

A career in AFL took me away from life on the farm, and whilst I had also contemplated pursuing veterinary science a number of times, I didn’t much enjoy studying and wasn’t sure I was prepared for the commitment. But in my twenties when my dog sadly died from a snake bite, I knew I wanted to be able help animals in similar situations.

Zampet’s mission to improve the health and wellbeing of animals rang true for me.

Dr Andrew McKay, Veterinarian & General Manager – Animal Health, Zamira Australia

Dr Andrew McKay, Veterinarian & General Manager – Animal Health, The ZamiPet Group

ZamiPet has been focussed on better animal health in agriculture since its inception in 2008. Entering the companion pet space with the launch of ZamiPet supplements for dogs was a natural progression for our business to help improve the lives of animals we have at home.

The right combination of targeted quality ingredients at optimal levels was the most important consideration when developing the ZamiPet supplement range for dogs.

Despite an owner’s best efforts, sometimes animals can’t always get all the nutrients they need from diet alone. Some supplements may contain several of the right ingredients but only include a very small amount in each serve. Other formulations may feature only a single active ingredient, when a combination of more key actives may have a greater beneficial effect. It’s important to get the balance just right to maximise efficacy, along with robust supporting evidence from a number of scientific studies.

As a vet, the most important advice I have for dog owners is to love their pets and look after them well.

Nurturing our pets from an early age is key to helping them enjoy full, active and healthy lives. Just like us, preventative health measures provide our pets with the best possible chance of avoiding more serious health challenges as they age. Timely vaccinations, a quality balanced diet, regular exercise, routine and consistency, and an enriched, safe environment provide the best long-term outcomes for happy, healthy pets.

Dr Andrew McKay holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne, 2000. He is a registered veterinarian with over 20 years of experience in small animal practice in and around Melbourne, VIC. Vet Registration Number V3985.

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