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Top 5 Best Dog Treats in Australia

Discover the 5 Best Dog Treats in Australia

Dogs are more than pets; they're family. That's why choosing the right diet is essential. While dogs share many nutritional needs with humans, the ideal amounts of minerals, vitamins, carbs, fat, protein, fibre, and more can differ. 

Just as we reward ourselves after a hard day or on special occasions, we also like to spoil our pets the same way. Dog treats are a great way to reward our much-loved companions, but how can you ensure the product you choose will also benefit their wellbeing? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are the 5 best dog treats available in Australia.


ZamiPet HappiTreats® Relax & Calm

A nutritious treat that also supports a healthy nervous system, ZamiPet HappiTreats® Relax & Calm is the perfect choice for dogs who experience periods of separation and/or travel anxiety or to promote a restful night’s sleep. Without compromising on flavour, these tasty dog calming treats are packed full of vitamins and minerals plus the calming properties of L-Tryptophan and Chamomile.


ZamiPet HappiTreats® Joints

Healthy joints equate to good movement and mobility, which are essential for a dog’s wellbeing. We all know how much our dogs love to be active – walking, running, jumping – and as responsible owners, it’s our duty to ensure our pets are in optimal health and free from pain and injury. ZamiPet HappiTreats® Joints are enriched with vitamins and minerals plus Glucosamine and Chondroitin, to support your dog's joint health and mobility. Use these joint supplements for dogs as a training tool or general treat anytime.


ZamiPet HappiTreats® Digestion

Just like humans, dogs can experience discomfort due to digestive issues, so it’s important to provide them with the necessary nutrients that support a healthy gut. ZamiPet HappiTreats® Digestion are a delicious probiotic snack for dogs enriched with vitamins and minerals and the added health benefits of gut-friendly Prebiotic, Turmeric, Carrots and Ginger. Made with Australian chicken, they're a tasty way to keep your dog's digestive system in good shape.


ZamiPet HappiTreats® Skin & Coat

Skin and coat dog treats are a terrific way to provide your dog with an extra dose of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fatty acids for optimal health. What some pet parents may not realise is that skin and hair play a critical role in a dog's overall health by preventing dehydration, regulating body temperature, and protecting against viruses and bacteria. ZamiPet HappiTreats® Skin & Coat is made from locally sourced chicken and salmon, plus the added benefits of Omega-3, Turmeric and MSM to support skin and coat health – it’s the perfect treat to help your dog maintain a healthy and lustrous coat with a beautiful shine.


ZamiPet HappiTreats® Puppy

The moment you bring your puppy home, the bonding and training process begins, and treats can play an important role during this period. Treats serve as an invaluable training tool and are a fantastic way to show your puppy affection while creating a lasting bond. However, it’s crucial the treats you feed your pup are packed with the right nutrients. ZamiPet HappiTreats® Puppy is a smart choice for growing pups as it provides an abundance of proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids, plus Blueberries, Sweet Potato, Carrot, and gut-friendly Prebiotic, to support digestion and immune system health. Importantly, these puppy multivitamins for growth can be broken apart into smaller pieces to ensure your puppy gets the correct nutrient dosage at every stage of their development.

Support Your Dog’s Health at Every Stage of Their Life

Your dog’s health and happiness go hand in hand. So, if you're looking to reward your trusted companion with an all good, no guilt treating regime, then look no further than ZamiPet. Australian owned and made, ZamiPet also offers a comprehensive range of premium vet-formulated products to address the main health challenges facing dogs, including supplements and dog dental sticks.

The information in this article was checked by ZamiPet Veterinarian and General Manager Dr Andrew McKay, BVSc, University of Melbourne, 2000. Vet Registration No: V3985

Disclaimer: This information is general advice only. Before starting any treatment or supplement with your pet, please consult your vet first for the best approach to getting your pet back to their best health.



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