Is Turmeric Good for Dogs?

While we’re familiar with Turmeric as a delicious ingredient in foods for humans, there are also health benefits of Turmeric, and Curcumin, for dogs, too. So here we answer the question, is Turmeric good for dogs?

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a plant belonging to the ginger family. While similar in appearance to a ginger rhizome (root), Turmeric has a vibrant, golden yellow colour, which you might be most familiar with finding in flavoursome Indian curries. Aside from flavouring delicious foods, Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits to joint health.

What's the difference between Turmeric and Curcumin?

You may hear Turmeric and Curcumin used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two terms. Turmeric itself contains three different types of Curcuminoids, of which one is Curcumin. Curcumin is one of the most active ingredients of Turmeric and responsible for many of the plant’s remedial properties. 

Is Turmeric good for dogs?

There are many health benefits Turmeric for dogs, including:

  • Helping maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissue, supporting joint health and may help to relieve joint pain
  • Being high in antioxidants, helping to fight free radicals and aid reduction of inflammation 1, 5
  • Supporting immune system health 2
  • May help to slow the ageing process in senior dogs by reducing free radicals in the body 3
  • Helping maintain a normal, healthy inflammatory response
  • Helping ease pain from arthritis 5
  • Can help to combat gastrointestinal issues 6
  • Supporting anti-allergenic activity, helping to reduce itchy skin 7
Small dog in forest in autumn with fallen yellow leaves

What is the best way to give your dog Turmeric?

The safest way to include Turmeric in your pet’s diet is through a Turmeric supplement for dogs. While the Internet is awash with ways to prepare Turmeric yourself for your pet, a supplement ensures that your dog gets the correct dosage that’s useful to them and not harmful either.

Homemade Turmeric recipes for dogs

Culinary Turmeric, the one you use to cook with, is produced primarily for taste, and may not have the quality of Curcumin needed to be beneficial to your pet. Also, if you’ve ever prepared Turmeric yourself in a favourite curry, you’ll know that its’ beautiful vibrant colour is quick to stain anything it comes into contact with! This means that using homemade Turmeric recipes for dogs could quickly become a messy affair. Turmeric can also have a bitter taste, which may not be palatable to your dog.

Supplements for dogs with Turmeric

ZamiPet Senior Support

Just as we require extra care in our advancing years, our senior pets likewise need special attention. ZamiPet Senior Support is a great source of Turmeric for senior dogs as it's formulated to support immune, eye, heart and brain health and may help alleviate symptoms associated with age-related decline. We’ve included Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, as it’s a natural antioxidant which may help to slow the ageing process by reducing free radicals in the body. ZamiPet Senior Support also contains Omega-3, a fatty acid that helps the absorption of Curcumin.

ZamiPet Skin, Coat & Nails

Skin conditions are one of the major reasons dog owners visit a vet. Watching your pet experience itchy, dry skin and paws or splitting nails can be equally distressing for owners and pets alike. ZamiPet Skin, Coat & Nails is formulated with a blend of vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy skin for your dog, as well as promoting a shiny coat and strong nails. We’ve included Curcumin in this formulation for its antioxidant properties, as well as anti-allergenic activity to help stop itching and scratching, combined with Omega-6 for bioavailability.

ZamiPet Complete Care Multi

When your dog is lacking its usual energy or you have a fussy eater in need of a nutritional boost, a multivitamin provides key vitamins and minerals to help fill nutritional gaps. ZamiPet Complete Care Multi provides a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to maintain general health and vitality in dogs and support a healthy immune system. We’ve added Curcumin for its’ antioxidant properties, ability to support immune health and anti-allergenic properties, with Omega-3 to aid absorption of Curcumin.

Disclaimer: This information is general advice only. Before starting any treatment or supplement with your pet, please consult your vet first for the best approach to getting your pet back to their best health.


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